Your Work Style

Your Work Style

Learn your Work Style

Your work style is very unique to you. Empowering yourself through best understanding how you work, what you need to get your jobs done best, and where you should even work can make massive results in your life overtime.

Why is this important?

Self awareness and emotional intelligence is always an added plus for any job you have. I believe understanding who you are allows you to better connect with others. Level 100 connection with others can look like expressing oneself needs efficiently, inspiring others to achieve their own goals, and so much more. Nobody remembers what you said to them but they do remember how you made them feel.

Resources to get to know you 🔽

Just hover over “More” and select “Work Style”. This tells you how you work with others, productivity type & so much more helpful info!
I absolutely love this one and have taken it over and over for 10 years (I am an INTJ).
This is astrology on steroids. I have built my entire life around my human design. HD is a very complex and in depth study so there’s not enough room here to discuss everything about it. I encourage you to research yourself! (I am a 6/2 Splenic Projector).
A lot of people find tons of support understanding their Enneagram Type!

Journal Prompts to DIY

  1. What type of work lights me up?
  1. What type of work drains me?
  1. What type of work I don’t enjoy but does come easy to me?
  1. What qualities does your favorite boss have?
  1. What is your dream team situation?