The Lazy Girl Job Mindset

The Lazy Girl Job Mindset

How do I Discover my Lazy Girl Job?

“What lazy girl job should I apply to?” is actually not the first step to finding your lazy girl job. This approach is still a traditional way of thinking. We have always been taught how you can fit into a job not how a job can fit into yourself.
Hard truth: you can’t find your LGJ while you are burned out from your current job!
You need to separate from the toxic situation in order to “hear” your next step. If you can’t take tons of time off, don’t worry!

Here are some easy ways to separate from the toxic job:

  • Take walks without phone and headphones
  • Start that new hobby you’ve been putting off and try it out on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning
  • Call a friend and make a pact to not talk about work
  • Journal your emotional experience every morning
  • Eliminate or restrict exposure to negative habits and people
    • You can’t find your LGJ while doom scrolling!

What is the Lazy Girl Job Mindset?

The Lazy Girl Jobs life (aka harmonious balance of work and life) is achieved when we detach and unlearn conditioning around our jobs.
The conditioning is to revolve your time and self esteem around your full time job in order to be successful.
It starts when we are very young. In early grade school we were asked “What is your dream job when you grow up?”

When we detach from this conditioning is when you enter the lazy girl job mindset

Here are a few questions to journal on:
  1. What skills do I already know today that I do not need to spend additional time learning?
  1. What does an ideal work day feel like? List out the events from 9a - 5p.
  1. What emotional benefits does over working give me?
    1. How supportive are these emotional benefits to my life?
    2. Can I receive these emotional benefits in other places in my life? What are the ways this feeling can be accomplished?
  1. What or who in my life doesn’t currently serve my lazy girl job goals?
    1. What is my action-plan to address these hurdles? (Limiting time with these people, quitting bad habits, etc…)
  1. What does true career success look like to me?