Quitting with AI

Quitting with AI

Quitting with AI

Congrats you did it! Now you just have to quit your toxic current job. Or take advantage of a few options!
When you are in good standing at your current employer and also have an offer from another company you actually have two options.
You can either: Let your employer know you are leaving for a different opportunity Let your employer know you have an offer from another company and would like to explore your current employer's possibility of matching this offer
No option is better than the other IMO. Both have risks and benefits! The risks of option 1 is starting a completely new opportunity and the possibilities starting a new job entails. The second option's risk is your employer matches your new offer to stay to buy time while they find a cheaper replacement for you.

Start a conversation about potentially getting a better offer at your current job:

Generate a prompt to start the conversation to let your boss know about your new job offer & provide an opportunity for them to match or exceed the offer:
ChatGPT Prompt
I just got a new job offer and am still at my current employer. My current boss does not know about me applying for another job and getting an offer. I need your help crafting a transcript to let my boss know that I got a new raise and to ask if they can match or offer more than my new job offer, and let them know I need a decision date by [insert date]. I also do not want to burn any bridges and want to use a kind and respectful tone. Please provide a transcript.

Providing your current employer at least a two week's notice is now the next step.

Why? It's generally considered professional and courteous to provide a two weeks' notice before leaving a job. Hot girls don't burn bridges because there is opportunity everywhere. There is also great benefits:
  • Acknowledge your time spent with your employer
  • Fulfilling obligations - you may be required in your employee contract to provide a notice of leave
  • Protecting your own interests - By providing a proper notice, you can help ensure that you receive any compensation or benefits that you're entitled to.

Generate a two weeks notice with ChatGPT:

ChatGPT Prompt
"Can you generate a two weeks' notice for me to resign from my position as a [insert position] at a [insert industry] company?"
If there are any other details specific to your role that need to be added.