Cover Letter Writing with AI

Cover Letter Writing with AI

Cover Letter Writing with AI

Yes cover letters are gross. The great thing is they are starting to become more obsolete. Regardless you will more than likely still need to write a cover letter here and there. Let’s get AI to do it instead. There are two options you can take:

1️⃣ Use CoverLetter Copilot

This platform takes away the stress of making your own prompt for ChatGPT. You can now have an optimized cover letter in seconds. The benefits of working with CoverLetter Copilot are:
  • Saving time by only entering your info once
  • Built in text editor to add the finishing touches
  • Immediate download to pdf or Word doc
Feel free to check it out here!

2️⃣ Use ChatGP write your cover letter

  1. Find a job listing and copy & paste the URL of the job
  1. Get your list of achievements handy and find 3-5 list of achievements that fit the job you are going for. These are the skills you are going to elaborate on in your cover letter
  1. Ask ChatGPT to generate a cover letter using your your achievements tailored to this job posting
    1. Example Prompt:
      I want you to create a cover letter for me given a job description and my current experience. Analyze this job listing [insert job posting] for a [insert job], and write a cover letter highlighting my experience in [insert skill]. Using relevant details from my resume. [Insert resume] I want you to use your job search and cover letter writing best practices.

Other prompts to use ChatGPT for your cover letter

Ask ChatGPT to add values that match the job’s company culture
Tailor my cover letter to the company culture and values outlined in the job listing for the [position] role. Using this cover letter [Copy & Paste cover letter]
Ask ChatGPT to analyze a job posting and recommend what accomplishments/achievements you should be adding in your cover letter
Provide suggestions for specific examples or accomplishments to include in my cover letter to showcase my fit for the [position] role.
Ask ChatGPT to create an introduction paragraph for your cover letter
"Create an introduction paragraph for my cover letter analyzing the keywords & skills in the job listing for the [position] role."