Salary Negotiation with AI

Salary Negotiation with AI

Salary Negotiation with AI

Negotiating a Salary with ChatGPT IS a thing !!
So instead of feeling lost about how to put a dollar sign to your value. Or becoming too nervous you will say the right thing. You can actually have this tool do all the work for you!
Here are a few ways ChatGPT can help you write a guide on how to negotiate a tech salary:

1. Provide information on industry standards for salaries in different tech roles and companies.

Prompt Examples:
What is the average salary range for a marketing manager with 5 years of experience at a large tech company in California?"
What is the average salary for a software engineer in the United States?
What is the average salary range for a software engineer with 5 years of experience in the tech industry?
It depends on the level of specificity you are looking for.

2. Outline strategies for researching and preparing for salary negotiations

Identify comparable salaries and highlighting your unique skills and qualifications.
Prompt Examples:
"What are some ways to research and prepare for a salary negotiation in the tech industry?"
"What are some key things to consider when preparing for a salary negotiation for a [insert job] role?"
"How can I research and prepare to negotiate a salary increase in my current [insert job]?"

3. Help you create a script for the negotiation itself

Include talking points and responses to common objections.
Prompt Examples:
"Can you provide me a script for negotiating a salary increase for a [insert job] role at a large tech company?"
"What are some key points to include in a script for negotiating salary for a [insert job] role?"
"Can you give me some examples of language to use when negotiating a salary increase for a [insert job] role?"

4. Offer tips for handling specific scenarios

Negotiate a higher salary for a remote role or dealing with a counteroffer from your current employer.
Prompt Examples:
"What are some strategies for negotiating a higher salary for a remote [insert job] role?"
"How can I handle a counteroffer from my current employer as a [insert job] during a salary negotiation?"
"What are some tips for negotiating a salary for a [insert job] with little to no prior experience in the industry?"

5. Provide examples of language and tone to use during the negotiation

Use assertive but professional language.
Prompt Examples:
"What kind of tone and language would you suggest that would evoke emotions and persuade employers to provide higher salary?"

6. Offer advice on how to follow up after the negotiation

Send a thank-you note or check in on the status of your application.
Prompt Examples:
"Write me an follow up email on [meeting details]?"