Job Search like a Pro

Job Search like a Pro

Job Search like a Pro

✨ Hack #1

Use recent posts on LinkedIn to find your next job!
  1. Type in the search bar the role you are applying for plus the word hiring and hit submit.
    1. Example: Customer Success hiring
  1. Select "Posts" so that LinkedIn will scan all Posts with the keywords you entered in the search bar
  1. Select "Sort By" and select "Latest"
You now have a list of recent posts from people looking to hire for your next role!

✨ Hack #2

You are probably searching on LinkedIn Jobs the wrong way...
LinkedIn search functions are super powerful and can actually apply keywords and compare them to job postings. This is a great way to answer the question “What lazy girl job should I get?”
Instead of searching by job title try this instead:
  1. On LinkedIn Jobs type into the search bar your skills
    1. If you can't narrow it down to 3-5 skills, use the skills you are best at that you want to utilize in your next job.
  1. Filter by remote
  1. Happy applying!

✨ Hack #3

Automate applying to 370 jobs a month with
Casting a wide net in the background will increase your chances of getting a callback. Be sure to refer back to the overview on Sonara here.

✨ Hack #4

Add your resume to your LinkedIn profile
One important step is to build a strong LinkedIn profile to give recruiters and hiring managers all they need to know about you.
Uploading your resume to LinkedIn is one way to do that. Here’s how:
  1. In your LinkedIn navigation bar, click “Me.”
  1. In the dropdown menu, select “Settings & Privacy.”
  1. Click “Data privacy” on the left sidebar and select “Job application settings.”
  1. Click “Upload Resume” under “Manage your resumes” and select your file from your computer or device.