Now vs Future

Now vs Future

What you have vs What you want

The second you start feeling annoyed, angry, "over it", etc... in your current role, start this exercise down below:

Let's reflect on your "why" behind switching jobs.

Taking time to pause and reflect on your intention behind your new job search will set you up for so much success in this process. Also remember, you were once excited about the job you are now over. Let’s try not to repeat that cycle yet be kind to ourselves in the process.
You want to make sure you are doing this before you start the job application process and not during. Because when money and offers come in, we tend to abandon our requests to get hired quicker. So let’s be clear before we start our job search.

Exercise #1

This is really similar to dating list out all of your red flags at your current job that has caused you to quit. Then list out all of the green flags that would make you say yes to your new job.
Red flags:
  • Time tracking by management
  • Meetings that should be emails
  • No consistent feedback
  • Mean coworkers
Green flags:
  • Work life balance
  • Regular scheduled feedback
  • Remote environment

Exercise #2

Create a thesis. This is your North Star you can revisit throughout your job application and interview process. Doing this for yourself also helps you:
  • Reverse engineer what you want
  • Stay on track with your progress
  • Get bullet proof confidence to say what you want!
Here is how:
Fill in the blanks:
I will acquire a (insert role) job in (select industry), paying (insert salary) that includes (insert green flags) by (insert date)
Now you have a declaration that seals in your efforts to your dream job! Be sure to write this down and/or include this statement around your home where you will see this every day. A pro tip is to also practice saying it out loud. This will help you immensely in the interview phase of your job search.

Now, let's start taking action!