Job Hunt Made Easy: AI-Powered Guide

An AI-powered guide to help you discover your next lazy girl job
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Revolutionize Your Job Search Experience

Say goodbye to traditional job-hunting methods and revolutionize your approach with the LAZY GIRL Job Program.
Turbocharge Your Job Search
Turbocharge Your Job Search
  • AI-Powered Job Matching
  • Effortless Opportunity Connection
  • Endless Scrolling No More
Craft Impactful Resumes:
Craft Impactful Resumes:
  • Captivating Tailored Resumes
  • Stand Out, Make Impact
  • Crafted for Lasting Impression
Unlock Your Career Potential
Unlock Your Career Potential
  • Effortlessly Find Your Next Lazy Girl Job
  • Unlock Your Potential
  • Skill-Building & Networking

Unlimited Resources at Your Fingertips

Explore a Treasure Trove of Job Search Materials
Resume Optimization
Resume Optimization
Maximize your impact with a standout resume
Interview Success
Interview Success
Ace your interviews with expert tips and techniques
Discover Your Skills
Discover Your Skills
Enhance your self awareness and self worth in the job search game
Build your personal brand to expand network
Exclusive Job Boards
Exclusive Job Boards
Unlock access to underrated job opportunities
Understand Your Worth
Understand Your Worth
Advocate for yourself and get support from AI on salary negotiation tactics
“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” —Maya Angelou

We’ve crafted the perfect plan for you!

You won’t be disappointed.
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  • AI-Powered Resume Creation
  • Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile
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  • Master Your Interview Skills Fast
  • Streamline Follow Up Messages
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  • Tailor Your Resume to Perfection
  • Craft Persuasive Cover Letters
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  • AI-Powered Resume Creation
  • Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile

"The lazy girl job program made it so easy to leverage AI! I Can't believe it was this quick for me to get a Fully remote, 30% off salary increase and unlimited PTO job even during a recession! It made the process a lot smoother. Thank you!! No more 35 minute commutes"

Kat (@smarthotties)

"GIRL! I got a new job with a $30K raise! I can't even deal and it was so easy because of your tips and the program!"

Katrina, (fellow lazy girl)

Frequently asked questions

What is the Lazy Girl Job program?
This is the answer to “What lazy girl job should I get”?
This is a knowledge hub to streamline the job search process. Landing your next role is a numbers game and employers are already using technology to say no to you quicker. It is in your best interest to adopt the strategies in the Lazy Girl Job Program to improve your chances of landing your next job.
Who is the Lazy Girl Job Program designed for?
The program is designed for you.
You are tired of feeling stuck in your job search and drained at your current job. You want to level up their career. This works best for experience levels junior and up, career changers, or someone seeking a remote position. This program is tailored to meet your needs.
Do I have to know how to code to work with ChatGPT?
Nope! The program breaks everything down super simple. What a lot of people fail to realize is there are a few tweaks in your current job search strategy to upgrade your efforts!
Is there a limit to how many times I can use Lazy Girl Job Program?
Nope! It's your unlimited resource.
What is a "Lazy Girl Job”?
A job that is:
  • Safe (no physical risk)
  • Flexible work times
  • Remote
  • Base salary that covers your lifestyle’s current expenses
  • Low stress
  • Clearly defined roles where responsibilities are not likely to change
When we release the stress likely to build up from jobs that don't fit the above bullet points we limit ourselves! When we find our Lazy Girl Job we can show up as our best selves for ourself, family, friends, partners, our interests outside of work and beyond!
Getting the “lazy girl job” part isn’t the hard part. It’s adopting and maintaining the lifestyle.
Can I access the program materials at my own pace?
Absolutely! The program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn and progress at your own pace. You can access the materials anytime, anywhere, and revisit them whenever you need.
Is this program just for tech jobs?
While I come from a tech background and will have that perspective throughout this program, it's for any industry!
Who can I contact for help?
You can email hello@antiworkgirlboss.com

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